Price: 14,795.0 ฿month

Lovely house with terrace, living room, kitchen, 1 bed room and back side area to wash machine and storage. Perfect to two person.

  WiFi and Cable TV

House rates:

    • 1-3 month contract 1000 baht per day
    • 4-5 month contract 800 baht per day
    • 6 month contract 17000 baht per month
    • 12 month contract 13000 baht per month
    • Communal cost are extra 1.795 per month
    • Electric cost    4,5 baht per KW/h
    • Water cost       30 baht per M3


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Communal average cost per month:


Garbage collect by private company.           2000 Baht

Communal water spend estimated.             1000 Baht


Electric spend from the Street PEA

meter where all households are deducted.


Service, street, light, pumps, Pool ect.        9000 Baht


Staff expenses, service & maintenance.   20000 Baht

Internet & 3bb.                                              1200 Baht

Cable TV.                                                        900 Baht

Pool chemicals.                                           1000 Baht


Total cost per month in average.              35900 Baht


Average cost per household (20 total)      1795 Baht